PKC Conservation Volunteers tackle Himalayan Balsam in Crieff

Greenspace Ranger Richard Armstrong will be leading our Conservation Volunteer task at Lady Mary’s Walk in Crieff, tomorrow – Saturday 4th July. Volunteers will be removing invasive non-native Himalayan Balsam.

If you are joining us for this task, please remember to bring plenty of water and dress appropriately for the task and the weather.


 * * * UPDATE  07/07/15 * * *
A big thank you to the volunteers who braved the heavy rain on Saturday morning to come out and help clear Lady Mary’s Walk of Himalayan Balsam. Greenspace Ranger Richard Armstrong said  “the task really needed done, so we had to go ahead with it whatever the weather threw at us… and although the weather was quite miserable for the first half of the session, it improved and was actually quite pleasant later in the day and everyone enjoyed it.”