Farewell Monty, you will be fished!

On Wednesday 30th April Community Greenspace said a fond farewell to our colleague Ian Montgomery, who retired from PKC after 21 years service!

Ian was shackled to PKC in 1995. After 10 years working in the Print Office, Ian saw the light and joined the free spirits in the bright outdoors, working as a Countryside Ranger (Greenspace Ranger these days).  We are told that colleagues at that time were pretty sceptical – printer ranger – ranger printer?   Whilst Ian’s credentials in persecuting the wildlife of P&K in terms of hunting, shooting and fishing were the stuff of legend and never in doubt, how he was going to convert that into becoming a careful curator, nurturing and protecting our flora and fauna as a ranger was clearly a bold step into the unknown.

We now believe that this was part of Ian’s cunning plan – being fully aware of the impact his fishing talents had in the decline of salmon stocks in our Perthshire Rivers and thinking ahead to 2016, he set about replenishing them.  Getting school kids to grow new ones in the classroom was the only way forward to secure a lifetime’s supply in retirement.  So his plan to get his hands on the Salmon in the Classroom initiative was hatched (forgive the pun) and in his hands has gone from strength to strength with upwards of 1,500 alevins (young salmon) being released.  And this year, after all the hard work, this excellent programme is a finalist in the Securing the Future Awards.

Ian with Fish

So with bags of personality and a passion for the natural world and an ability to communicate with everyone, Ian did become a fully fledged and highly valued member of the team.

Needless to say Ian made a great impression on his ranger colleagues – so much so they were queuing up with tales to tell when Ian decided to finally hang up the hat…

Unfortunately we cannot repeat any of these…  we hope that our Comic Book “The Life of Monty” will make up for this, and make you smile as much as he has made all of us smile in the past 21 years.

Happy fishing Monty!


Monty’s comic is available to download here: Monty Comic Strip Original Photo Format