South Inch Pond Clean Up

We reported that our adult swan and two cygnets had opted to move to the Tay last week see: South Inch Swan Update, since then we have had no more than a light rain shower.

We took the opportunity while the pond water is low to get in and clean out any exposed litter.  We were shocked at the amount of plastic, glass and sweetie wrappers that were embedded in the mud.  We would like to take the opportunity to ask that visitors to the park please use the litter bins provided.

Pond Clean Blog Pic

While we were there we were delighted to see that there were plenty of coot, moorhen, ducks and gulls who all seemed happy splashing and swimming in the cool waters in the middle.   You can help the birds by feeding the birds oats, sweetcorn, any bird seed mixes and grapes! Please avoid feeding them bread.


300 Wildflowers In, 13 Bags of Litter out


Perth High School enjoyed a day glorious sunshine at St Magdalene’s Hill last week planting 300 wildflower plants to create a wildflower meadow for bees and butterflies. A mix of yellow rattle, ox eye daisy and birds foot trefoil were kindly donated by the Tay Landscape Partnership and will add a riot of colour to the open grass area.

After lunch, we walked to the top of the hill litter picking as we went. A lot of litter was found at the summit and we filled 13 full bags of drinks bottles, cans and BBQ leftovers.

Photo of Perth High School

In this prolonged dry weather, all of Scotland is at a high fire risk. A campfire, disposable BBQ or even a discarded cigarette could cause a wildfire that can destroy trees and kill ground nesting birds and their chicks. Do not light open fires near woodland during high fire risk times. If camping, please follow the Outdoor Access Code –

Thank you to the hard working Perth High students and thank you to volunteers and walkers who regularly remove litter from St Magdalene’s Hill so it is enjoyable for all.



Auchterarder Provost Walk: Planting and Path Maintenance

After the huge success of their first task. The Auchterarder Core Paths Group decided to build on that momentum and hold a task to replant some trees, carry out a litter pick and clear the french drain.


Tree Planting

The group had an amazing amount of volunteers turn up, with 14 on the day (a special thanks goes out to four helpers from BEAR Scotland).  This meant that the tree planting was made light work of.

The group were planting some hawthorn and blackthorn that had been kindly donated by the Rotary Club.

They then picked up 9 bags of rubbish with even an old bicycle being found! Thank you to the community waste team for the loan of the litter pickers for this section.


Litter Picking

Finally we started cutting some self seeded trees and removing grass from the French drain, although this didn’t quite get finished in the task so will be revisited at the next one!

Phase 2 of the Provost walk is progressing nicely and will hopefully be open in the coming weeks!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Auchterarder Core Paths Group then please contact Alan Dorman – Greenspace Ranger at 01738 475000 or

Perth Lade, March Litter Pick


“As the Community Greenspace Partnership Officer one of my community projects is the Perth Lade. We have been carrying out a number of different vegetation, tree and litter clearance works and are also working with local schools and community groups on different improvement projects.

This litter pick was one in a number of community litter picks that are carried out on the Perth Lade; this was on a much smaller scale than our action day carried out in October of 2017.  Regular litter picks/action days are to be planned for the future.

We will advertise our next litter pick soon, everyone is welcome to join”.

Kirsty Scott



Perth Lade – Path Clearance and Clean-up

Kirsty Scott, Community Greenspace Partnership Officer, reports that a successful action day took place on the 26 October 2017 where partnership working took place with Community Greenspace, Balfour Beatty and Beautiful Perth.  Tasks we carried out included cutting back the vegetation off of pathways and litter picking the area.


We received positive feedback and even had interest on holding a similar day at the start of next year.

Further bulb planting works have been taking place by Tulloch’s Blooming Lade Group and Community Greenspace, which will visibly enhance the lade year on year.