Crieff High School Group Willow Weaving

The Crieff High School Group have been busy with a special day carrying out some willow weaving to create the start of a willow dome. They were learnt about the properties of willow and how it is a useful resource for building structures.

Jay and James said “Prior to doing the activity, we had no knowledge or experience of willow weaving, so it was completely new to us.

When we arrived at the site we marked out the circle for the dome with line paint.


Sizing the willow and trimming it.

We then sorted the willow out by size and trimmed it if needed.

Next, we built the frame of the structure by hammering stakes in to the ground which we put the willow in to tying it together so that the arch was stable.

Then we started weaving the willow, we bent it and manipulated it in to the shape we needed and secured it with string


Base Structure taking shape.


We managed to complete the base of the structure.”

A special thanks to Jeannie Grant (Highland Ranger) for coming and showing us and sharing her knowledge.

The group really enjoyed the day and learned a wonderful new skill.



Morrison’s Academy Primary School JASS award in MacRosty Park

The Primary school pupils of Morrison’s Academy have been in the park recently. They have been completing their JASS volunteer award.

Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) is a progressive learning programme for young people which has been designed to recognise wider achievement. A key aim has been to meet the challenges of the transition from primary to secondary but in practice it can be used at either level as well as with wider age groups in additional support need settings. The objectives of the JASS programme are aligned with the wider learning objectives of the Curriculum for Excellence, The Outdoor Challenge, and the National Curriculum, making it easy to run alongside and incorporate existing curricular activities.

JASS develops the whole individual by offering recognition in four key areas – regular physical activity (Get Active, Stay Active), exploring a personal interest (My Interests), working for the good of the community or the environment (Me and My World) and completing an outdoor activity or challenge (Adventure) and is designed so that participants move through the levels with increasing commitment, learning, and challenge.

They have been completing the Me and My World section of the award with the Perth and Kinross Ranger Service.

So far we have been weeding around the bandstand and also weeding some of the steps in MacRosty. With fantastic results as seen below (I must get better at getting before photos!).

They are assisting the community and supporting the environment while carrying out these tasks with us.

We have a few weeks together still left and we will be carrying out a range of activities such as weeding flower beds and litter picking; while also learning about the natural environment and it’s importance.



Green Routes to Wellbeing Round-up

It has been a little while since I have updated about the Green Routes group. There has been a wee bit of change within the group with our NHS support worker Grant leaving and the new support from Occupational Therapy Work Sheila.

The group are grateful that this support is continuing and that NHS recognise the importance of a group such as Green Routes. We have also had a couple of new members to the group and the return of a couple others which is great to see!

The group has also received some funding from the Soroptimists who raised the funds through the local community. The group would like to say thank you for this it will help them with money for clothing and equipment for carrying out their work. The group will be carrying out some maintenance on behalf of the Soroptimists in their raised bed in MacRosty Park.


Weeding Beds around the Pavillion

The group have been very busy recently we have been carrying out a range of tasks such as weeding the beds around the pavilion in MacRosty, we decided to try and keep on top of the beds this year with some minimal maintenance to keep on top of them although a few of the beds will need some considerable work to bring them back to a good standard.


Helping with the dome


They also helped to finish the main structure of the willow dome started by the school group.

Every second week we have been having a bit more of a laid back time and appreciating some of the wildlife around us as well as carrying out some small maintenance tasks this has included litter picking and drainage clearance down Lady Mary’s walk we managed to spot a range of different wildlife including: Common Sandpiper, Dippers, Pied Wagtail, Goosander and Red Squirrel!



The MacRosty Maintenance Gang


Recently we have been working with Crieff High School to get some of the pupils out in to the park and learning and developing new skills in the outdoors. The tasks have ranged from weeding of the flower beds and maintenance of the hard surfaces, to cutting back vegetation from the footpaths and tidying up around the pavillion

This week the group have been raking the wildflower areas that were cut by PKC grounds maintenance squad (which is appreciated greatly). The group managed to get one whole area raked off which is brilliant!

There were some issues with dog fouling and the group are going to look at how we can make people aware that the wildflower area is maintained and that try and encourage people to collect their dog mess in the future.

The group are looking a building there skills and may look to do some rural skills in the new year.  They are also going to look at some new and exciting projects in the future.





6th Green Flag for MacRosty Park


We are delighted to announce that MacRosty Park in Crieff has been awarded a Green Flag for a 6th year!

Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Roseanna Cunningham MSP, has welcomed the announcement which saw 70 successful parks being celebrated as 2016 award winners

Ms Cunningham visited MacRosty Park in Crieff today (Thursday 21 July) to celebrate it receiving the award for the sixth year running. Members of the Friends of MacRosty Park, Green Routes to Wellbeing and Perth and Kinross Council were on hand to celebrate how their hard work has helped to shape and improve this significant local space.

Councillor Michael Williamson, vice-convener of the Environment Committee of Perth & Kinross Council, said:

We are delighted that MacRosty Park has been awarded its sixth Green Flag Award by Keep Scotland Beautiful. It is an important public space in the heart of Crieff, and has proved invaluable as a venue for events and educational activities for the local community. Quality green spaces such as this are an important natural resource and bring great enjoyment to residents and visitors alike.


All parks are assessed by volunteer judges with a background in parks management, conservation or ecology. Applicants are judged against testing criteria which includes assessing whether the park or green space is welcoming, safe, well-maintained and secure.

I would like to add a personal thank you from me (Ros) to everyone who helps in the park, in particular in the build up to the green flag assessment and celebration.  We got muddy, got wet (and sunburned) and hopefully we had fun regardless.  This would not have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of the volunteers and the Friends of MacRosty Park (past and present) and we are all incredibly grateful for their commitment.


MacRosty Park Volunteer Plantings (III)

Our brilliant volunteer group “Green Routes to Wellbeing” were busy in MacRosty Park last week getting our summer bedding into the flower beds at the Pavilion Café.  We hope that you agree that the volunteers new t-shirts look top-notch and the flower beds look brighter and more beautiful than ever!

If you would like to get involved with volunteering in MacRosty Park, or you would like more information about Green Routes to Wellbeing please contact Richard Armstrong (Greenspace Ranger) here

Final instalment (for now) of doggie tails in MacRosty Park, Crieff by Mina Moffat


A Tail by ViVi Dog

There is a little lady whom I meet regularly, she is a neat little Westie by name of Milly.  She is a nice little soul who always has time for me.

Only, she does so love the sound of her own voice.  Frequently I can hear her before I see her.  In a way this is good because I recognise her bark immediately and know that I will be meeting up with her.   She lives near the park and sometimes I am sure I can hear her barking as soon as she leaves her house to make her way down the path to the park.

She mostly walks with her mum although sometimes her dad is there too.  When the humans stand and chat this is alright with us canines as it gives us the opportunity of sniffing about.  Other times we will all walk together and meet with our friends. If we stand too long Milly gets impatient and barks to tell the humans to move on, or maybe it is just her way of getting a treat.  She is one of those – the canines who use emotional blackmail on their humans to get regular treats.  Me, I don’t go down this route.  I don’t like treats and indeed turn up my nose when offered one, maybe a bit rude of me but I don’t appreciate them the way Milly does.

Milly used to have a friend who lived with her but sadly she is no more.  Milly does miss her so.  Sometimes I think I can see a sad expression on her face as she looks around the park to see if Sophie is there.  Sophie was another Westie, not as loud as Milly but very friendly.  I don’t like when a dog goes missing from our group of friends, but this does happen from time to time.

Even though Milly likes making a noise she is not fond of noises she does not understand.  I have seen her stop and look about if she hears a loud bang like a bird scarer going off, or someone shooting pigeons. In this she has my sympathy, I don’t like bangs either.  Her mum says that if she hears them when she is at home she quivers and shakes.  Her companion Sophie used to take herself off to the shower cabinet and stayed in there till the banging stopped.  Recently we had a human sort of celebration where lots of fireworks go off.  Poor Milly, she must have been frightened with so many bangs near her.  I don’t live anywhere near people who set off fireworks so I was ok on that occasion but I do have first-hand knowledge of bird scarers, horrible things.  Why don’t the farmers just get the quiet kind of scarers, something like a straw scarecrow?

There are times when I meet Milly she is proud as punch.  Her coat is very white, soft and sort of fluffy.  She tells me she has had a shower.  A shower! No way.  I run and hide when I think that is going to happen, but not Milly.  A shower and having her hair dried is one of her favourite activities, that and getting treats and being heard all over the park.

As I say, a lovely little lady but maybe her mum should find the volume button and turn her down a little bit.  Just a thought but then if this is what makes her happy so be it.

Halloween Lantern – spooktastic response!

MacRosty Park

What a fang-tastic Halloween we had in MacRosty Park this year.

Greenspace Ranger Susan Whyte and the Friends of MacRosty were joined by over 40 children to make spooky lanterns and brilliant besom brooms ahead of the Halloween celebrations taking place that evening in the town square.

Thank you to everyone who helped out in the build up to, and during this event.

MacRosty Bark 2015 – A Howling Success!

First prize winners

MacRosty Bark was a great success this year (second time lucky – after heavy rain postponed the event in July).  46 dogs took part in the different novelty classes on offer.  The sun was shining and everyone who came along had a great time.

We would like to thank everyone who came along for supporting the event and a special thank you to Alan’s Pet Shop (Crieff) for providing all the prizes and the SSPCA and Guide Dogs for the Blind for bringing their stalls.

Another successful event in MacRosty Park