Auchterarder Sports and Recreation Path group- Johnny Mathis Walk Path Maintenance

20180704_112835 (2)The Auchterarder Path Group have been out again on a glorious sunny day.

The group were working on one of the town’s popular paths the Johnny Mathis Walk. They were clearing vegetation growing in and across one of the main drains, clearing two culverts on the walk of leaves and vegetation.

The group worked really hard in difficult conditions due to the heat and also a cleg or two! They managed to clear a huge pile of vegetation from the drain and it will certainly help when the wet weather comes round to make sure the path doesn’t flood.

Due to the heat we did curtail the task slightly – who would of thought in Scotland we would have to call a task early because it was too warm!


BRAN – Cuttle Burn Steps Project

Work party report WE 2nd June 2018

Ally Donald was once and again out and about with the mower keeping our path network in good order during weekday evenings, the current run of dry weather has slowed down the growth a bit but the grass & weeds still need attention.

2018_02_06 Cuttle Burn work 2nd day IMG_4810rs

The long planned Cuttle Burn Steps project has now been actioned with work starting at 3.00pm on Friday 1st, a group of very hard-working volunteers working well into the evening. The same group minus one were again toiling in the heat early on the morning of the 2nd. By the early afternoon the majority of the work had been completed, the only remaining job being to install a hand rail on the new section of steps.

For anyone who is familiar with the Cuttle Burn Steps the section beneath the top flight of steps becomes hazardous in wet or icy conditions. The new stepped section of over 20mtrs now allows walkers to negotiate the section in safety and has completely eliminated the slippery part.

The path that takes walkers along the gorge from the Oakbank Road to Lornty Road is a lovely short walk and also acts a short cut from the top of town down to the riverside. Already very popular, BRAN now hopes that even more people will be encouraged to use it.

The BRAN team consisted of Kristin Barrett, Nina Bell, Grahame Mustard, Ally Donald and Bob Ellis on both days with Roger Mackey on the first day. Conditions underfoot couldn’t have been better but the heat and humidity was energy sapping. The five did a great job!  2018_01_06 Cuttle Burn work 1st evening IMG_4809rs

More projects are planned on the Knockie and on a near section of the Cateran Trail at East Gormack

Although BRAN is very well supported by its volunteer group it will always welcome new folk, if you are interested in helping please contact the secretary, Ian Richards., 01250 871122 0r 07787 317022



IMG_4483rs 24th June 2017 KW

Blairgowrie and Rattray Access Network maintain the core path network surrounding Blairgowrie. The group have over 30 fantastic volunteers who help with various tasks from cutting back, strimming, litter picking and a whole range of other tasks which BRAN lend their hand to.

One committed volunteer is Ally Donald. Even though Ally works full time and volunteers with a number of groups, he still finds the time to cut grass on several evenings a week, keeping the path network accessible. One such path is the 8 mile River Ericht path which is a mix between field edges and riverside paths. Ally is often seen on his trusty mower cutting the path and chatting to passers-by. He is full of enthusiasm and his nickname in the group is ‘Q’ for Quartermaster.

Ally also helps fundraise for tools and equipment. Recently co-ordinating the groups charity shop in May and organising a Fun Run along the river Ericht path.

If you would like to volunteer with BRAN. Please email group secretary Ian Richards on

When you tweet… please tag! #volunteersweek #PKCGreenVolunteers


Guildtown Path Project


Community Greenspace recently partnered with a range of organisations to upgrade and improve the footpath around Guildtown Park. Over the years the path had become overgrown and waterlogged making it difficult for the local school and community to use the path.

The task was to remove weeds and resurface with type 1 stone and quarry dust. This was achieved by a group of young volunteers from the Princes Trust who worked hard learning footpath building techniques, tool use and how to safely operate machinery.

We would also like to thank the keen volunteer’s from the Guildtown community who gave up there Saturday to come along and complete the task. By the time the task was complete over 400 metres of footpath had been upgraded and 30 tons of material moved.

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Auchterarder Provost Walk: Planting and Path Maintenance

After the huge success of their first task. The Auchterarder Core Paths Group decided to build on that momentum and hold a task to replant some trees, carry out a litter pick and clear the french drain.


Tree Planting

The group had an amazing amount of volunteers turn up, with 14 on the day (a special thanks goes out to four helpers from BEAR Scotland).  This meant that the tree planting was made light work of.

The group were planting some hawthorn and blackthorn that had been kindly donated by the Rotary Club.

They then picked up 9 bags of rubbish with even an old bicycle being found! Thank you to the community waste team for the loan of the litter pickers for this section.


Litter Picking

Finally we started cutting some self seeded trees and removing grass from the French drain, although this didn’t quite get finished in the task so will be revisited at the next one!

Phase 2 of the Provost walk is progressing nicely and will hopefully be open in the coming weeks!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Auchterarder Core Paths Group then please contact Alan Dorman – Greenspace Ranger at 01738 475000 or

Crieff Path Group on Lover’s Lane


Clearing the drainage on Lover’s Lane

Crieff Path Group were out recently with a trusty core group turning up to carry out some work on the lovers lane path from the Glenturret Distillery to Comrie Road (a special thank you to the distillery for allowing us to use their staff car park for our task).

The group weren’t fazed by the freezing cold conditions or the level of labour that was required for the task and achieved a fantastic amount of work. Clearing all the drains (several of which were well overdue a bit of maintenance) and getting them flowing again.

The group also used the leaf blowers to clear the path of mud and leaves that had built up over the winter. There is still some work to be done to the path but it is much better than it was and definitely worth a visit!

If you are interested in volunteering for with the Crieff Path Group contact Richard Armstong by email or contact Alan Dorman Greenspace Ranger 01738 475000



Map of Scotland’s Core Paths

Map of Scotland’s core paths

Scottish Natural Heritage has combined the core path plans that have been drawn up by all of Scotland’s local authorities and National Park authorities to produce an online map. The main local routes for recreation and travel, known as core paths, are usually signposted.  Not all are on land, and they include some rivers or canals that are used for canoeing. View the map and find out more

Core Paths SNH



BRAN press report 24.02.18

Blairgowrie & Rattray Access Network (BRAN) 

Nine volunteers met in fine crisp weather on Saturday morning, 24th February. Their work consisted of cutting back intrusive broom growth in the main plus brambles and other growth that threatened to reduce path widths.

BRAN 240218

Areas covered included the track to the immediate south of the Blairgowrie Golf Club that skirts the north side of Meikleour Wood to the east of the A93, then on into the woodland. The group split to cover most of the tracks around the Hare Myre, one of our hidden local gems. Several swans were enjoying a slide on the frozen water including a couple that made a spectacular landing.

Having completed the necessary work on that side of the main road the party made for the west side where there was more broom and bramble growth to cut back through the plantation and towards Pleahillock. Here they found a partly collapsed beech tree that had toppled across the path, the landowner had helpfully cleared a way through but more work is required.

The photo shows (from the left): Cyril Reid, Ally Donald, Dave Stanghon, Roger Mackey, Jan Seymour, Grahame Mustard, Phil Seymour and Carol MacGregor.

Anybody interested in helping BRAN with its path maintenance should contact the secretary, Ian Richards.

Fix the Fells – inspiration from the Lakes

lakeland fells

I am just back from the Lakes and I am inspired!  While out walking I came across a group of volunteers cleaning a hill path, I stopped to have a chat and learned that they do the path every 3 months and that they were from Fix the Fells.

Fix the Fells – Protecting our spectacular Lakeland Fells from erosion by maintaining and repairing the paths

I was inspired as they have 100 people on the books with 75 people being active.  They always work in small groups.  They receive formal training in footpath work, customer relations and first aid and earn discounts in local stores (the more they volunteer the greater the discount.)

For further information…..

They have a very active Blog with some great articles. Including:

Where do fell fixers go on holiday

Making Progress at Hole in the Wall

Snow, sun, snow sandwich








Latest news from BRAN!

On Saturday 21st October Bran joined forces with Blairgowrie & Rattray District Angling Association. This group of eight set about the job of clearing up the mess left by a group who had set up camp on the river bank opposite the Tesco Store a few weeks earlier. Over 20 bags of bottles and rubbish plus mattresses, beds, chairs and a bicycle had to be brought up the bank. The council are to be thanked for coordinating the removal of the collected rubbish as the volunteers completed their task. Those involved from the anglers were Grant Kelly, Dave Hogg and Jim Christie with Roger Mackey, Aly Donald, Eric Grant Brian Webster and Ian Richards from BRAN.

On the same day group members helped the Dirty Weekenders task at the Loon Braes, working in partnership with the students to successfully tidy the pond and surrounding area.

Picture below shows the rubbish moved from the riverbank and BRAN members enjoying a spot of lunch with the Dirty Weekenders.

On Saturday 27th, seven volunteers set about trimming back woody growth on the popular Gallowbank path from its junction with Newton Street through to Dunkeld Road. At the same time the grass was given its final cut of the year and nettles at the town end were strimmed.

Photo below showing the party on Saturday 27th.