Highland Tools

Over the last few years the Community Greenspace Ranger has been purchasing tools for local groups to use.  These hand tools have been loaned out to a Bloom Group, Paths Groups and even the Gaelic Class in Breadalbane – all in a week!

Jeannie the ranger stated “it is great to see the tools used by all the local groups but please book in advance what you want to borrow. Where appropriate it is best for local groups to source their own tools via either recycling unwanted of fundraising for new”.

If you have any ideas of how to resource groups, please get in touch via communitygreenspace@pkc.gov.uk


Wild Fox

Posted by Monty, Greenspace Ranger

Being a Greenspace Ranger doesn’t mean that you meet with wildlife every day, but there’s always the off-chance that if you keep your senses aware and your eyes open, you might just get lucky.

Here’s a lovely dog-fox I caught on camera yesterday near Maryburgh, south of Kinross.

wild fox

As he came across the field towards me, I stood perfectly still. I happened to be downwind of him, with my back to the sun, so he wouldn’t have seen me standing there.  He came right across the field in front of me and after I’d taken a couple of photos, I made a deliberate noise to watch his reaction.  He stopped and sniffed the air, though I doubt he could smell anything unusual.  Nevertheless he turned and trotted unhurriedly back across the way he came.  As he passed under the fence at the other side I happened to notice another large fox, perhaps the vixen, too far now for my poor camera skills.

Saying that, I captured this lovely view of Loch Leven with Vane hill just right of centre, around about the same time yesterday.

loch leven 2

Looking towards Vane Hill