SNH Scottish Outdoor Access Code #TaketheLead

Spring is on its way so this is a great time to head out and explore your local natural areas. If you’re heading out on a family walk remember to check the Scottish Outdoor Access Code for advice on exploring responsibly.

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In the video below Bob Barr and Kate Hall share there experiences of dogs worrying sheep in the Lothians.


SNH Scottish Outdoor Access Code #TaketheLead

Have you heard SNH’s recent radio ads about walks with your dog? Listen out for  messages about keeping everyone safe when taking your pet out in the countryside this springtime.

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In the video below Kenneth Bone shares his experiences of dogs worrying his sheep at his farm on the Isle of Arran


SNH Scottish Outdoor Access Code #TaketheLead

Love a family dog walk? Us too! But at this time of year there are  added hazards to wanders in the local countryside.

Remember to keep dogs out of fields with young animals and always to heel to keep livestock and pets safe this spring.

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In the video below Alister Orr shares his experiences of dogs worrying his sheep at his farm in East Ayrshire




Map of Scotland’s Core Paths

Map of Scotland’s core paths

Scottish Natural Heritage has combined the core path plans that have been drawn up by all of Scotland’s local authorities and National Park authorities to produce an online map. The main local routes for recreation and travel, known as core paths, are usually signposted.  Not all are on land, and they include some rivers or canals that are used for canoeing. View the map and find out more

Core Paths SNH



River Earn Path Progress



Section of Earn Path before Tidying up

The Crieff Community Trust Path group were out on the River Earn on Saturday.  The path connects Crieff to Muthill with a section of all abilities path, past that it is a lovely countryside walk that has just become a little overgrown so the group have decided to try and maintain it on an ad-hoc basis.

We had 3 brilliant volunteers (including an eager former ranger) on the day who carried out a lot of strimming work and also some pruning of vegetation too.

The task was a great success and we are looking to go back and carry out some more maintenance and little bit of waymarking to


Section of Path after tidy up (and Dave)

enhance the River Earn trail where possible.

Please be aware there is some subsidence on this trail making certain sections difficult to pass.

If you are interested in the Crieff Path Group contact Richard Armstrong –

Atholl Estate Open day

A little out of  the ordinary day was had by the Highland Ranger, Jeannie!  She attended the Atholl Estates Day but NOT as a participant but working with Atholl Estate Ranger Service.  The object was to deliver the Scottish Outdoor Access Code in a fun and memorable manner!  It was a tried and tested game created by the Atholl Estate Ranger Service.  The game was split into seven areas, each with a challenge and a multiple choice question at the end!

What surprised both the new seasonal Ranger and Jeannie was the lack of understanding with regards to dogs and young livestock and how to climb over a gate properly!  The code is very clear that you should not enter an enclosed field where there are young livestock with a dog.  As for getting over the gate, always go at the hinge end, as it is the strongest section of the gate and doesn’t cause damage to the gate.

Lessons were learned and fun was had…. just look at the score board so many teams got 7/7 :)