SSE in action at the Den O Alyth



Community Greenspace work with communities to manage a variety of sites across the area including the Den O Alyth which is known for its native woodland, red sandstone geology and its freshwater ecology.

Recently staff from SSE Renewables as part of their corporate volunteer programme helped to conserve the den by working towards the aims of the management plan. Staff spent the morning working with the rangers to remove Beech Tree saplings from an area of native woodland using tree popping tools and bowsaws. Beech are not native to the area and out compete native stock so staff were given the opportunity to take the trees home to replant. In the afternoon footpaths were cleared of leaves and mud making a huge difference to the paths which crisscross site. As an extra challenge the team also removed a tractor tyre which had been fly-tipped.

This is the second time SSE have helped us at the Den O Alyth. The help is invaluable and allows the many objectives of the management plan to be achieved.  The team from SSE worked hard and enjoyed the challenges of doing something different.

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SSE in action at the Den O Alyth

Community Greenspace recently welcomed 15 engineers from SSE to the Den O Alyth. The group split in two with one group cutting back branches and digging back years of mud from the path which links the Den to the main carpark. This involved a lot of digging and moving materials to create a much improved footpath surface.

In the afternoon the volunteers headed off for a walk round the den to help with Tree pulling . This task is really important to help preserve the den by removing non-native Beech Trees which help our native Trees flourish.  Using tree poppers and hand power the Beech saplings were removed making it a fun task. Drainage ditches were also cleared out to help keep the paths in good condition.

An enjoyable day was had by all and the team worked hard to achieve a lot.

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