Recycling, up cycling and sharing!

Storage space for any Volunteer group is a luxury!  It is not only what type of storage is needed, but also how to afford it.  In 2017 BRAN (Blairgowrie and Rattray Access Network) donated their second hand shed to the Pitlochry Path Group.  Luckily for the group a home was found in Pitlochry Recreation Park.  Although, this seems a simple process the transportation, landowner permission etc. all kept the Community Greenspace Coordinators on their toes!

When it came to decide how the shed should be used, it became apparent that the Pitlochry Litter picking group, whom also sit under the Pitlochry in Bloom constitution would benefit with storage near their starting point – Pitlochry Recreation Park!  So it was decided that the shed should be shared.

A grateful as the group was with the donation, it did not come with its own issues – rot! Again this does not come cheap to resolve!  With assistance from Pitlochry Pavilion User Group work could progress in fixing the shed.

Finally, a joint task day was done to sort out a little rot issue.  As ever it was not that simple, thankfully determined volunteers and a loan of some tools the group got there in the end!  All it now needs is a paint job.  If this good weather continues the shed will hopefully look five years younger, shortly!

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Helping each other..

There are an amazing number of organisations and groups in Highland Perthshire. All doing great work within and outwith their communities.  However, times are hard not only in a financial sense but also in peoples time.  So it is heart warming see when groups help each other out and hopefully mutually benefiting.  Once such example is between the Pitlochry Choral Society and the Pitlochry Path Group. A thank you appeared in a local newspaper….

“Pitlochry & District Choral Society is a local amateur Choir which produces two concerts each year for the local and wider community.  As a typical small charity, they face considerable challenges to raise sufficient funds to finance their concerts, and yet they usually also manage to organise a completely independent bucket collection for the audience to contribute to other charitable or community causes.

The beneficiaries of the 2017 Christmas Concert were the Pitlochry Paths Group, a group of dedicated and unpaid local volunteers (many are retired) who strive to maintain many of the popular footpaths around Pitlochry, improving access for the less able and allowing both the local folk and also the tourists to continue to enjoy these lochside, hillside and woodland walks.  The Paths Group is not itself a Charity, simply a small band of local residents, and it therefore sits under the umbrella of ‘Pitlochry In Bloom’ and its constitution and upon whom the Group relies for banking arrangements etc.

The Bucket collection amounted to just over £350 for the Pitlochry Path Group and these funds will go towards current work on a particularly popular footpath from Lagreach Brae to the new multi-access path at the Pitlochry Dam.

On behalf of the Pitlochry Path Group we would like to thank the Choral Society for organising the collection, and the audience for their generosity in helping to fund the work of the Group.

We need all the help we can get so if you are interested in donating or joining the group please contact .”