Upper Tay Path Group



The Upper Tay Path Group have always managed to get all the work completed without having organised task sessions.  However, with the exceptionally good growing weather, recent flooding and other issues cropping up, it has come to a point where it was required.  So over a short period three very different work parties happened.  In their own words the accounts are as follow;

Working Parties in action

Work is in progress on the Riverside Path (Wade’s Bridge to Comrie Bridge) and Camserney to Dull Path:

1) European Youth Camp

On 18th August a group of fifteen male and female  students from Spain, Germany and Scotland  together with three leaders put in a tremendous day’s work on the Riverside Path cleaning four bridges, staking and marking dangerous holes on the Lurgan Farm section(see below) and cutting back intrusive branches etc.

It was a damp day but using equipment provided by Jeannie Grant (PKC Greenspace Ranger)the students showed great determination and concentration.  Our thanks are due to them.

The bridges are now ready for some minor repairs during which the uprights will be capped. Subsequently the timbers will be treated with a preservative.

2) Minor Works

A number of small holes in the path surface started by moles (and possibly developed by dogs?!) in the path surface have been filled.

3) Lurgan Farm Section

On 8th September, members of the recently established volunteer Path Maintenance Group undertook their first working party.  They filled a substantial series of holes which we believe were started by a combination of small animals and flood water and then, probably, adopted and enlarged by beavers. We are grateful to the landowner for both providing the material and transporting it adjacent to the holes.  Additional pruning and lopping was also undertaken.

Well done the Volunteers !

4) Camserney to Dull Path

On 12th September, a group of pupils from Breadalbane Academy who are studying for a Rural Skills qualification, lead by Mr. Dougie Woodrow and supported by Jeannie Grant, cleaned the large wooden “horse” bridge at the Camserney end of the path and cut back nearby vegetation. A second visit will be scheduled to finish the job.

We are again very grateful to the students and hope that there will be further opportunities for them to practice their skills on path maintenance work.

If any reader would like to become involved with the group get in touch with Susan Duncan Millar (07909 723 115) or Martin Hill (01887 820 942).