Our dedicate volunteers work with the Greenspace Rangers and Community Greenspace Team  to carry out a wide range of practical conservation and maintenance tasks.

If you would like to join our volunteers please complete this online form.

Who, When and Where

All volunteers must be over 16 years old or be accompanied by a responsible adult. Work is carried out on sites owned and/or managed by PKC or on other land in association with the owners.  A regular schedule of activities is shared on this website and circulated to those registered on our database.

The Benefits

The main aim is to improve the countryside and public access to it. This may be through direct conservation works, such as:

  • Tree planting141021-Kinnoul-017
  • Fencing
  • Path repair
  • Invasive species control
  • Pond clearance
  • Meadow management

Volunteers can benefit by learning new skills, improving their own understanding of the management of the countryside and keeping fit!  Most importantly it offers a chance to meet like minded people, share experiences and have fun.

Through the work of our volunteers we hope that others become inspired to help look after the environment too.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, your lunch, a drink, suitable old outdoor clothing, a pair of gardening gloves and waterproofs!  We will supply the tools, materials and spare gloves (if needed) for each task. Our Rangers are first aid qualified and each task is fully risk assessed beforehand.  Please consult your doctor to ensure your tetanus injections are up to date, and if you have any medical conditions or health concerns, check up on the sort of tasks suitable for you.

How do I join and is there a cost?

There is no joining fee.

To take part, please complete the online form 

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